Dr. Xuguang Wang and scientists develop new data assimilation system

Posted on 08/21/2012

University of Oklahoma, School of Meteorology faculty Dr. Xuguang Wang, and NOAA NCEP and ESRL scientists under the support of the NOAA THORPEX program have devoted their collaborative efforts to develop and test the new hybrid ensemble-variational data assimilation system based on NCEP operational data assimilation system over the past two years.  Various pre-implementation research and tests have suggested the forecasts initialized by the new method were significantly more skillful.   The new system became operational on May 22 at NCEP to initialize the Nation’s operational Global Forecast.  Research and development have also been made to further improve the current three-dimensional hybrid data assimilation system.  A method called “four-dimensional ensemble-variational hybrid” is further developed, which showed further improvement of forecast skills. 

Dr. Wang received her Ph.D. in Meteorology from Pennsylvania State University in 2004.

Her primary research interests lie in ensemble forecasting and data assimilation. Her research ranges from developing new theories and novel methodologies for ensemble forecasting and data assimilation, to specific applications on the predictions of atmospheric phenomena of various scales such as extra-tropical and tropical cyclones and severe convective storms, and to applying ensemble forecasting and data assimilation to understand the atmospheric predictability and dynamics. Interests: Ensemble forecasting, data assimilation, numerical weather prediction, atmospheric dynamics and predictability.